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Smooth-running and precise ball bearing singapore keeps manufacturing processes moving. They are often overlooked in the process because they absorb oils and manufacturing load. Bearings are usually invisible until a core failure occurs.

What Is a Bearing Failure?

A bearing failure occurs when the position fails to meet expected functionality, usually failing a system shaft and the machine of which it is a part. This can result in significant downtime, high maintenance costs, missed deliveries, lost revenue, and, in some extreme situations, employee injury. Bearing failures harm your facility, your reliability, and your finished product. However, you can take some measures to increase your bearings’ use and protect them from undue wear.

Lubrication Failure

details washer springIf the lubricant is displaced by foreign substances such as water or dirt in these high-load areas, the bearing will experience increased wear over time. If the wear is too significant, the bearing life will be significantly reduced. This leads to bearing failures due to contamination. However, if the contamination decreases and the lubricant chosen is not suitable for the environmental and operating conditions, the bearing will fail again.

Whether it is excessive contamination or a poorly applied lubricant, it is essential to understand the leading causes that can lead to lubrication-induced bearing failures, as well as the most typical explanations for why a bearing reaches the end of its service life.

Faulty Mounting

Bearings are heavy machine components with high precision parts. To fully advantage of their performance, the designer must select the ideal bearing type and arrangement and match their characteristics to those of the corresponding parts. Particular attention must be paid to mounting and dismounting, lubrication, maintenance, and sealing. Proper means for mounting and dismounting the bearings and extreme cleanliness and care of the bearing location are essential for a very long bearing life.

Nearby damage to the raceways, such as notches, grooves, or indentations, indicates a faulty fit. This type of damage occurs, for example, if the inner ring of a cylindrical roller bearing is not mounted perpendicular to the call or if mounting pressure is applied across the rolling elements.


machine wheel roundBearing misalignment is one of the most common causes of premature bearing failure, second only to lack of lubrication. The ring may rotate on the rotating shaft, or the outer ring may turn in the assembly. This can be caused by grime in the precision metal bore, metal burrs, metal abrasion due to mounting interference or ground engagement. Bearings can become misaligned if the service plate is not flat.

True self-aligning spherical roller bearings are a far superior design solution. It is almost a requirement if the bearing support device is not a precision machined surface, such as welded steel corner lovers and stations where the bearings are aligned in a straight line. Do not use interference lumber when building a well or a rotary house. Instead, adopt the position.