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Common Bearing Problems and How to Solve It

Smooth-running and precise ball bearing singapore keeps manufacturing processes moving. They are often overlooked in the process because they absorb oils and manufacturing load. Bearings are usually invisible until a core failure occurs.

What Is a Bearing Failure?

A bearing failure occurs when the position fails to meet expected functionality, usually failing a system shaft and the machine of which it is a part. This can result in significant downtime, high maintenance costs, missed deliveries, lost revenue, and, in some extreme situations, employee injury. Bearing failures harm your facility, your reliability, and your finished product. However, you can take some measures to increase your bearings’ use and protect them from undue wear.

Lubrication Failure

details washer springIf the lubricant is displaced by foreign substances such as water or dirt in these high-load areas, the bearing will experience increased wear over time. If the wear is too significant, the bearing life will be significantly reduced. This leads to bearing failures due to contamination. However, if the contamination decreases and the lubricant chosen is not suitable for the environmental and operating conditions, the bearing will fail again.

Whether it is excessive contamination or a poorly applied lubricant, it is essential to understand the leading causes that can lead to lubrication-induced bearing failures, as well as the most typical explanations for why a bearing reaches the end of its service life.

Faulty Mounting

Bearings are heavy machine components with high precision parts. To fully advantage of their performance, the designer must select the ideal bearing type and arrangement and match their characteristics to those of the corresponding parts. Particular attention must be paid to mounting and dismounting, lubrication, maintenance, and sealing. Proper means for mounting and dismounting the bearings and extreme cleanliness and care of the bearing location are essential for a very long bearing life.

Nearby damage to the raceways, such as notches, grooves, or indentations, indicates a faulty fit. This type of damage occurs, for example, if the inner ring of a cylindrical roller bearing is not mounted perpendicular to the call or if mounting pressure is applied across the rolling elements.


machine wheel roundBearing misalignment is one of the most common causes of premature bearing failure, second only to lack of lubrication. The ring may rotate on the rotating shaft, or the outer ring may turn in the assembly. This can be caused by grime in the precision metal bore, metal burrs, metal abrasion due to mounting interference or ground engagement. Bearings can become misaligned if the service plate is not flat.

True self-aligning spherical roller bearings are a far superior design solution. It is almost a requirement if the bearing support device is not a precision machined surface, such as welded steel corner lovers and stations where the bearings are aligned in a straight line. Do not use interference lumber when building a well or a rotary house. Instead, adopt the position.…

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How to prevent pest infestations

Some people are scared of bugs while others are not. But the bottom line is, these creatures should not be in your home as they can cause a huge headache for you down the road. Pests can cause diseases and some of which are even life-threatening. Not only that, but bugs can also ruin your home and make it unsanitary. For this reason, it is essential that you know how to get rid of bugs. You can do it the natural way, or you can hire the services of a pest control company as well.

Below, we are going to discuss the best ways to get rid of bugs as well as how to prevent possible pest infestations.

Seal gaps and cracks

Bugs enter your home through the gaps or cracks. They can even directly get into your home if your main door is open all the time. With this, it is important that you inspect your house for any openings. You must seal even the tiniest hole that you can see as ants and other tiny creatures can use these to gain entry to your home.

French Window

Proper yard maintenance

Where do bugs come from? Usually, they are from your yard. If you have trees, shrubs, grasses, or any other plants around your home, then it is most likely that there are bugs everywhere. But if you know how to maintain your yard properly, then you will be able to reduce the risks of pest infestation.

Make sure that you eliminate pools of water in your yard. It would also be great if you trim the grasses or plants on a regular basis as this will destroy the possible ‘nests’ for bugs.

Proper trash handling

Another thing that can invite pests to invade your home is trash laying around. Therefore, it is crucial that you dispose of your garbage the right way. You should have sealed trash cans so cockroaches, mice, and ants can’t get into the garbage wherein they can find food and multiply later on.

Keep your food

pan fried dishPests usually roam around and look for food. So, if you have food items that are left unsealed or uncovered, then you can expect that bugs will be all over them. This will attract them to build their nests in your house. So, to prevent this, make sure that you store all your food items properly. If you have leftover food, put them in your fridge.…

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Air conditioner repair and maintenance tips

With the many Air conditioning (AC) repair companies, it can be hard to ascertain the right company. As such, having prior knowledge of what to look for as you hire such services is of the essence. The first thing that you have to do is to go through various AC repair reviews. That way, it can be easy to narrow down to the right service provider. Secondly, consult your friends to know where they get such services. That said, below are some tips that you should look for as you outsource these services.

Choosing an AC contractor

AvailabilityHand fixing AC

Working with a technician that is just a phone call away is one of the best things to bear in mind as you seek for AC repair services. This is because most of the air conditioner issues will arise when you least expect. As such, before you outsource these services be sure that you can get the technician with ease and conveniently.

Excellent customer services

This is another key AC repair tip. It is imperative to settle for a company that has quality customer service. The company or technician of choice should have exceptional communication skills. This will help him have a clear understanding of the problem and in return be in a position to give feedback on the solution. More to this, working with a technician who is friendly and wants to build a customer relationship is of the essence in this field. As such, settle for a company or technician with a solid customer service package.

Client education

Switch on a wallIt is unwise to settle for AC repair company that only solves your problems and walks away. This is because it causes complete reliance on the company even for minor things that do not call for attention. Look for a company that is enthusiastic to educate you and provide you with Air Conditioning DIY Tips. This includes things like energy saving tips and any other relevant information. Thus, as you look for quality services, keep in mind that a good service provider should always provide you adequate information.


Leaving your investment on the wrong hands can be tricky. As a homeowner, ensure that you work with a licensed company. This will make sure that you are compensated in the event of a technician’s fault. Additionally, if any of your property gets lots or they fail to do the task as required, it can be easy to follow up a licensed AC company as compared to an unlicensed one. Thus, this becomes a great homeowner tip to factor in while outsourcing AC repair services.…