How To Money From Home

Working from home comes with so many benefits. You can end up with more money than office going people. Remember you will not have to pay transport or buy food away from home. You only need your computer and internet access. You will still have enough time to spend with the kids. You will save the money which would otherwise be used to paying a nanny or paying for day care.

Make money


This is where you work for different clients but as a single contractor. With freelancing, you need to identify the parts you good in and sell your work. There are numerous freelancing sites which you can join for free, create an account and off you start. Freelancing can be in writing, transcriptions, web design and so on. As a beginner, you will start low, but things get better as you accumulate reviews and better ratings. To benefit and stay more in this business you have to give quality articles.


Blogging has been around for some time now. To make money from blogging, you must be able to write and present quality stuff on your blog. To attract traffic, promote your blog and create links that increase your search ranking. Higher search ranking makes it easy for people to find your work. To earn money from your blog, you can either create your products and sell them or advertise other people’s products on your blog. This is what is called affiliate marketing. You can get good money from it, but your blog must have traffic to get sellers to advertise on your blog.


If you are good in English or any other topic, you can start tutor lessons for grades you feel confident in. It can either be done online for students all over the world or if have a lot of free time tutor in person. Create an account and join sites with students in need of tutors and get clients from there.…

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How To Safely Bath Your Kid

As a new mom, bathing your baby for the first time can be a challenge. You will get different pieces of advice on how to do it best. One thing you must put in mind is what the nurse teaches you. It is good to follow up the motherly instincts too; no mother will harm their child. That apart, there are basic things you should do before, during and after washing the baby. This article will clearly outline this points. Please read on.

Before bathing

When times comes for the baby to bath, have all items needed ready. Before I list the items required, make sure to be consistent with the kids bathing routine. Why is this important? It helps the baby sleep. Most of the time, you will realize that the baby will sleep after a good shower. Now, be ready with a mild bathing baby soap, washing cloth, bathing basin, a towel, and water. The water should not be too hot or cold for the baby. The babies’ skin is very sensitive. Too hot water could burn them while cold water could give them pneumonia and other breathing sicknesses.

During bath

Undress your baby and gently place then in the water. To make sure the baby is comfortable, support their head and back. Water levels should be slightly below the neck. With a soft bathing towel with soap, wash the baby’s body parts one by one. Concentrate on under the neck part under arms and the diaper area.

After bath

Do not make bath time too long. Remove the baby and place them on a dry towel. Dry up all water and transfer them to another dry towel. It is advisable to breastfeed the baby at this moment to make her warm again. After that oil them. A massage goes a long way making the baby comfortable and ready for a nap.…

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